SES Advisory Panel

SES has constituted an independent advisory panel, comprising of erudite and eminent personalities in the field of Corporate Governance, to provide unbiased and objective guidance on policy issues and assist SES in periodically revising its policies. The diversity of the panel enables SES to consider multiple viewpoints and interests of all stakeholders of a company and the collective wisdom of the advisory panel enhances the robustness and transparency of SES’ policy making process.

Advisors are invited to join SES Advisory Panel for a period of one (1) year, post which the term can be renewed for another year subject to mutual agreement. They work pro-bono and do not draw any remuneration from the company. However, SES may reimburse expenses incurred by members in the discharge of their duties. To maintain the independence of the SES Advisory Panel, SES has adopted a maximum term limit of six (6) years for its advisors. Further, any additions to / deletions from the Panel will be subject to the unanimous affirmative approval of the Panel.

Our Advisors

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Role of Advisors

Advisors are not involved in day-to-day activities, development of advisory reports, client solicitation, or business development initiatives of SES. However, subject to their availability, SES may tap into their vast knowledge base to seek intellectual inputs on topical issues encountered during the course of its research. Such inputs shall be used for guidance purpose only and will not form part of the advisory role. All such interactions are done over email and an audit trail of the same is maintained by SES. SES may also seek guidance from its Advisors for its investor education initiatives and/or their involvement in the same, subject to their availability and consent.

Advisors are not responsible and do not have access to SES’ internal governance. SES may however seek their counsel on specific internal governance issues and ethical matters. Advisors will have full rights to proactively raise any issue in the area of their responsibility. However, they are under no obligation to do the same. Advisors shall be consulted as a panel on policy matters. Individual consultation with the advisors shall be limited to guidance on topical issues only and the same shall fall outside the purview of their advisory role.

SES does not seek any non-public information or data from our advisors. SES shall only seek comments and opinions of advisors on policy matters and/or topical issues. As the advisors are not involved in our day-to-day operations, SES does not foresee any conflict of interests. However, to avoid any perceived conflict of interests, the advisors shall declare affiliations with listed entities at the start of their tenure (affiliations do not include non-material shareholdings). SES shall proactively seek to avoid situations where there might be any perceived conflict of interests.

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