Proxy Advisory Services

SES advises investors how to vote on the range of matters that require shareholder approval at listed companies in their investment portfolio. We carefully review the board candidates, auditors being appointed and other management proposals to provide unbiased and independent recommendations to shareholders. Our services help investors engage with managements and boards in a constructive manner and take informed voting actions.

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  • In consultation with our advisory board, we develop an annual proxy advisory policy covering the entire gamut of Corporate Governance regulations and guidelines. Within the broad contours of our policy, we analyze resolutions proposed by companies for shareholders' approval at general body meetings and provide recommendations that benefit the stakeholders in the company without disrupting the company’s day to day affairs.
  • Our reports are objective, our opinions are substantiated with facts and logic & our recommendations are unbiased, accurate and insightful. SES does not follow a one glove fit all approach and analyze each resolution individually and holistically on a case-by-case basis. While recommending clients to vote against any resolution, SES provides a logical and rational basis for its recommendations.
  • Our reports are delivered to clients in pdf format through our online proxy management solution (ProxySolution) as well as through emails. We endeavour to deliver our report at least 7 - 10 days before the general body meeting to ensure that our clients get sufficient time to incorporate our recommendations in their voting process.
  • We follow a multi-level compilation and scrutiny process for our proxy advisory reports. Each report undergoes a minimum of three levels of checks to ensure data accuracy, logical consistency, and insightful analytics.
  • Level 1 analysts collate data collation and create our database. We follow a maker checker process to enhance accuracy.
  • Level 2 analysts prepare the advisory reports based on information in annual report, notices and the database created by Level 1 analysts. At this stage, data used in the report is rechecked and the analysts make initial recommendations along with adequate analysis and reasoning. In case of contentious or complex resolutions, the report undergoes a further scrutiny by a different level 2 analyst.
  • All reports are reviewed by level 3 analysts to ensure consistency in recommendations, accuracy of analysis and to add additional insights. Level 3 analysts also check data accuracy on a random basis.
  • Finally, a different level 2 analyst conducts final editing of the report and sends back the report for another round of scrutiny if any issue is observed.
  • Reduced research cost – Our cooperative pricing model allows clients achieve economies of scale through shared research and analytics costs. Our non-profit business model further reduces cost to clients.
  • Fulfil fiduciary responsibilities – Our clients can take informed voting actions backed by accurate analysis. Our services help clients develop voting guidelines and generate compliance voting reports to fulfil SEBI requirements.
  • Unlock hidden value and reduce risks – We assist clients improve corporate governance at invested firms and plug valuation losses caused by poor governance. We highlight governance risks and assist clients reduce governance risks associated with portfolios